We are pleased to announce our new hydrotherapy pool will be open from the 26th of November. We must receive a vet referral these can be found below.

Vet referral forms can be downloaded here

What we do..

As fully qualified and NARCH registered Hydrotherapists. We will work closely with you and your dog to provide a customised treatment plan to give your dog the help, support and relief it needs. Promoting a better quality of life.

Every case is different, but every dog can benefit from Hydrotherapy.

Uncomfortable conditions from birth. Pre or post-operative. Hydrotherapy will do wonders for your dog.

Hydrotherapy is beneficial for rejuvenation in elderly dogs. Improving their balance, muscle strength, stiffness and alleviating the painful symptoms of Osteo-arthritis.

We can also help your dog to lose weight taking the strain from their joints. Hydrotherapy is also beneficial in relieving the symptoms of dysplasia.

Why is Hydrotherapy Beneficial...

Non- Weight bearing

Provides Muscle training

without excessive joint loading

Promotes a greater Range of Motion

Promotes good balance

Facilitates the targeting of

specific muscle groups

Prevention of over compensation

to other limbs/muscles.

Utilises the natural resistance of water

Therapeutic water temperature

Provides a Proprioceptively enriched environment

Conditions we treat.
Medical conditions:

Weight loss/Obesity
Muscle Atrophy
Hip and Elbow Dysplasia
Pre and post-operative rehabilitation

General Health benefits:

Water habituation
Fitness conditioning/Sporting and working dogs
Muscle strength/muscle mass
Aerobic fitness
Cardiac and pulmonary fitness and endurance
Improved Range of Motion

and most of all

Derek Richards, Hydrotherapist

Prices are from £45 a session or a bulk of 10 is £400.

Please call us for further information or to make an appointment.