dog grooming bromley

Your best friends home away from home.

Dogs are social animals and not meant to be left alone for extended periods. Dogs thrive in the company of people and other dogs.

Here at Hollywood Houndz we are their family while you are at work or play.

Available on a weekly or daily basis, also ad hoc subject to availability.

You’ve probably heard about day care for dogs. This pet care option has become increasingly popular over the past few years. Dog owners like it because their dogs get to play and interact with other dogs and human beings during the day. Dogs like it because – well, because it’s a lot of fun!

Dog day care is an enjoyable and healthy option to crating or having a dog walker come in during the day. Some of our clients bring their dogs to daycare five or seven days a week, while others come only occasionally to give their dogs a special treat, a change of pace, or an alternative to a kennel while work is being done on their house. Some bring their dogs only on weekends while they run errands. Still others bring their “senior citizen” dogs because their elderly friends need to go out frequently or require medication and supervision during the day.

There are many good reasons to choose day care for your dog. First, it helps socialize your dog. Dogs are pack animals by nature, but rarely get to be around a ‘pack’ in today’s world. As a result, some dogs become dog-aggressive or overly fearful around other dogs. Dog day care allows them to socialize and play with other dogs in a way that is much more natural for them with expert supervision. Second, it stops them from becoming bored. When a dog becomes bored un-wanted behaviours can creep in. Destruction to your home and possessions is the most common problem along with accidents in the home. Third, It keeps them active and healthy. In all it makes your dog just plain happy to be in a stimulating environment, playing with other dogs and people.

Our supervisors are dog first aid certified.

Prices are:

DayCare is £20 a day includes pick up and delivery fee

Puppy Day Care is £25 a day until 6 months.

There may be a extra charge for pick up and delivery if you are outside our free radius.

Saturday day care is £25 10am till 5pm.

Sunday we are closed all day.

Out of hours care offered extra charges will apply.

*Pick up and drop off offered in our local area only.

Other areas charged based on location and mileage.

Collections are usually between 8am and  11am

Drop home is usually between 4:00pm and 8pm

Please understand all timing is approximate and is affected by things out of our control. If there is a problem we will notify you. Calling will only delay us further.

All major public holidays and  bank holidays are charged at double time.

dog grooming bromley

Disclaimer - All bitches in season are sent at the owners own risk. While every care will be taken to avoid mating it cannot be guarantee and we can not be held liable.