A relaxing spa experience for your best friend.

Introducing our new spa hydro bath

We groom on a One to One basis and to appointment only.

All grooms consist of:

  • Consultation about your dogs needs and special requests
  • Health check
  • Two washes with shampoo tailored to your dogs coat and condition
  • Brush out
  • *minor matt removal
  • Nail cut and foot hair trim
  • Sanitary areas cleaned and trimmed
  • Ears cleaned
  • Nose Conditioner
  • Paw conditioner
  • Tooth spray
  • Coat conditioner

Full Grooms include all of the above plus:

  • Clip and scissor of the full coat to breed standard or your own style.
  • Shave down if coat is heavily matted or matts cannot be removed without pain or distress to your dog.

We use only the best shampoos and conditioners to maintain optimum coat and skin health.

All dogs are hand finished.

Love and affection comes free with all grooms.

We do not use cages or cage driers.

One off services:

  • Face Trim
  • Nails Trimmed
  • Tooth cleaning
  • Pad shave
  • Ear cleaning

We also offer hand stripping for dogs with the relevant coat type.

This service starts from £60.

Prices from:
Puppy Introduction groom £25

Small Dog Wash & Dry £15
Small Dog M.O.T £25
Small Dog Full Groom £35

Medium Dog Wash & Dry £20
Medium Dog M.O.T £35
Medium dog full groom £45

Large Dog Wash & Dry £25
Large Dog M.O.T £45
Large Dog full Groom £55

Extra Large/Giant Wash & Dry £35
Extra Large/Giant M.O.T £55
Extra Large/Giant Full Groom £65

Hand Stripping price on request

Nails £7

*10 minutes of dematting is freethen £10 each half hour there after.

Please read our terms and conditions before grooming commences

for a quote please don't hesitate to call us.

07514 022956

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