Your dogs health starts from the inside.

Here at Hollywood Houndz we pride ourselves on providing nutritious food for dogs.

We stock a small selection of what we believe is the best quality food around at an affordable price.

Some of our lines include:

We also supply farm fresh complete raw food, bones and treats.

Also if you have any special orders we would be happy to fill them for you. Please call or visit our shop.

We humans are aware that there is a big difference in the types of food we eat. Some things we eat are full of nutrition. Other things we consume are full of sugar and fillers that give us a quick boost but have very little nutritional value. It’s the same for your Dog. Many of the market leading dog food brands contain sugar products and fillers such as grain that make your dog feel full, can cause allergies, are sweet on their palate but have little nutritional value for their health and well- being. In our Hollywood Houndz shop we only stock dog food that has high, protein based, nutritional value. We proudly stock brands such as Eden Holistic Dog food (Recognised as one of the best dry dog foods in the World) and Feelwells, a family based manufacturer that started making food for their own dogs. We also stock a range of Raw Food which is widely recognised as the very best you can feed your dog. So… How could your dog benefit from a change of diet? When fed good nutritional food you might expect results such as:

• Longer life • Better health • Glossy coat • Bright eyes • Better skin

• Great for a sensitive stomach • Improvement in behaviour



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